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Monday, December 20, 2010

Film Testing Equipment Manufacturers Suppliers

Film Testing Equipment

Film Testing Equipments Manufacturers Suppliers

International Equipments

Manufacturer Of Film Testing Equipments, Material Testing Equipments, Impact Testers, Melt Flow Index Testers, Humidity Chambers, Friction Testers, Film Testing Machines, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This machine is used to measure rubber, plastics, paper, thin steel plate, pipe and other materials of thickness, according to different materials and different configurations of the weight and quality of different specifications of the measure.

PLC based Computerized Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Equipment
as per IS 4984 and IS 4985 to check the creep rupture of pipe when subjected to internal pressure under a specified condition.

Pressure range : 0 – 100 bar
No. of stations : 8 nos.
Pressure input : Through compressed air having pressure upto 5 kg/cm.sq
Pressure output: through hydro-pneumatic pump.
Time range : 0 – 999.9 hours.
Panel mounting : Trolley with castor wheels.
Paint : Powder coated.
Power : 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase.
Direct display through MMI : Set pressure, Actual pressure, Set time, Actual time, Set temperature and Actual temperature.

Graphic display and printout through PC :In addition to the above values Pressure & Temperature Vs Time graph could be obtained for any station by attaching a printer to the PC.

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International Equipments

35, Crescent Industrial Estate, Kanjurmarg (E), Mumbai - 400042, India.

Tel. : +91 - 22 - 25789133 / 34, 25786635.

Fax : +91 - 22 - 25785185

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