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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Universal Tensile Testing Machine - Twin Column

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Shanta Engineering Universal Testing Machines are electro mechanical machines with digital display of load & displacement & pulley belt system for changing speeds. The machines are designed for testing various materials like rubber, plastics, cables, leather, paper, plywood and metals. Tension, compression, bend and flexural tests can be performed on these machines with suitable grips and fixtures. The machines are powder coated for elegant look. The critical components are plated for rust prevention and durability.

Selection of different speeds by pulley belt system Facility to mount different load cells. Facility to mount various grips / fixtures for different tests and materials like rubber, plastics, cables, leather, paper, plywood and metals

NOTE : Over load & over travel protection is standard. Lower capacity load cells can be used with any machine for better load resolution. Grips can be selected from wide range available for diff application.

Front panel membrance type keyboard for test set up 7 segment digital display of load and displacement. Storage of important parameters such as peak load, braking load and max. displacement Facility of return of crosshead to home position for next test.

Special Options :
Following changes can be offered on specific enquiries : Load cell different of capacities are available as optional items. Displacement resolution of 0.1 mm is optional. Compression, Bending & flexural attachment to suit specific tests is available as optional. A.C. Variable speed is available as optional. P.C. interface is optional.

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