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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Computerised VSP / HDT Apparatus

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Manufacturers of Computerised VSP / HDT Apparatus
Computerised VSP - HDT Apparatus

Computerised VSP - HDT Apparatus

as per ASTM D – 1525 and ASTM D - 648 to determine vicat softening temperature and heatdeflection temperature of plastics.


Temperature range : From ambient to 300ºC. No of stations : Two. Material of construction : Inner bath: S.S Outer body: M.S

Rate of heating : 120ºC / hour and 50ºC / hour. Sensor : Range upto 10mm with resolution of 0.01mm.

Weights : A set of weights ranging from 5grams to 2000grams would be supplied for incrementalloads.

Paint : Powder coated.

Power : 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase.

Graphic display and printout through PC: Penetration/Deflection Vs Temperature graph and numeric reports consisting values of vicat softening temperature and heat deflection temperature could be obtained by attaching a printer to the PC.

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